Our Vote Predictions

We are a small movement made up of everyday Australians. This means that we need to make sure we use our resources carefully. We realise that when you receive your flyers you will be anxious to know where to distribute them for maximum effect. Recent research shows that there are certain characteristics that suggest someone will need extra convincing to support equal rights for their fellow citizens.

One of our volunteers has crunched data from the 2016 Census and mapped it against every suburb in the country. Below you’ll find an indicator of what we think that means for your area compared to the average for the nation.

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Each marker has data that was combined to give an overview of the likelihood to vote Yes (Purple) or No (Red) on marriage equality. Marker colour symbolises the combined quintile of all variables, however you can dig into the data by clicking the marker.

  • – Fifth Quintile
  • – Fourth Quintile
  • – Third Quintile
  • – Second Quintile
  • – Lowest Quintile


These markers were mapped by Googles geolocation service. While the ABS data for the location is correct, the location marker may be incorrectly placed by Google.

Please help us improve on the accuracy of the map by reporting inaccurate markers below.